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Latvian Embassy awards REMS project management contract

Summary: REMS is honored to announce that we have been awarded to provide project management services for the extensive design and renovation of a structure on the Latvian Embassy property in Washington, D.C. This prestigious project involves the development of residential housing and conference venue spaces, underscoring our commitment to excellence in historical property enhancement.


Background: The initiative aims to renovate an existing single-family residential structure on the embassy property to serve as both an apartment for the Embassy and a conference venue.  


Project Overview: REMS is thrilled to initiate comprehensive project management for the entire design and build process. This includes local management and coordination, bi-weekly site visits, the establishment and management of weekly meetings, support for furniture and procurement processes if necessary, development of a master schedule and cost plan to ensure budget and schedule adherence, oversight of consultants (including value engineering), monthly evaluation of construction progress and financial reports, quality control of daily construction activities, management of DC agency permitting and regular issuance of progress reports.


Current Status: At present, interior demolition stands at 70% completion, while framing progresses at 10%. The recent discovery of wall cracks necessitates a meticulous inspection, integrating any findings into the revised project plan.


In Conclusion: Our collaboration with the Latvian Embassy signifies a momentous milestone for REMS. Navigating the challenges posed by the project's history, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence in project management, ensuring the successful realization of the embassy's vision. We eagerly anticipate the transformative journey ahead, working closely with our partners to create a space that seamlessly integrates Latvia's rich heritage with the modern needs of the embassy and its community. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting endeavor.

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