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A Case Study in Innovative Workspace Renovation


We also want to highlight one of our most successful projects of the year— the renovation of the Exelon Technology Center (ETC) third floor. Guided by Sr. Project Manager Ellie Cascio and Project Manager Lainey Ross, this transformative endeavor aimed to rejuvenate an outdated workspace into a cutting-edge environment. Let's delve into the strategies, challenges, and outcomes that defined this remarkable renovation managed by REMS, a trusted name in commercial construction project management.


Located in Newark, Delaware, the ETC third floor underwent a comprehensive renovation to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic workforce. With a focus on accommodating a hybrid work model, the project addressed challenges stemming from the implementation of a remote work system. The goal was to create a universal neighborhood desk setup, allowing employees to reserve workspaces seamlessly.


Overcoming Challenges:

Navigating change management hurdles and addressing concerns about shared workspaces, the project encountered its share of complexities. PM Lainey Ross highlighted, "Change management was probably our biggest and only hurdle because it was shared. It was going to be something very new for everybody." However, a well-coordinated effort ensured a smooth transition. Change management became a key focus to alleviate concerns, with a proactive approach to communicate the positive aspects of the transformation.


Innovations and Upgrades:

The renovated third floor now boasts a multitude of innovative features. With 19 additional collaboration spaces, a mother's room, drop-in seats, and community tables, the workspace aligns with the company's emphasis on collaboration. The incorporation of sit-and-stand workstations, low wall workstations for an open feel, and upgraded technology reflects a commitment to a modern and flexible work environment.


Efficient Project Management:

Lainey Ross emphasized proactive problem-solving, ensuring potential issues were identified and resolved during the construction phase. "We just really tried to highlight the positive, explain the purpose because a lot of surveys were done prior to the project about collaboration,” Ross explained. Collaboration with the general contractor and effective teamwork streamlined the entire renovation process.


At REMS, we are dedicated to ensuring the successful execution of projects with precision and expertise. With a 100% repeat client rate from Fortune 500 companies to the Federal Sector, we bring over 60 years of collective Project Management experience to the table.  

A special thanks to all our partners, these engagements are truly a team effort: Bittenbender Construction (GC), IEI (Architect), Freedom Interiors (Furniture) and AVISPL (AV Equipment)

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