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A Case Study in Setting New Benchmarks in Commercial Real Estate

We are excited to showcase one of our standout projects—the Delmarva District Office Renovation & Site Development. This ambitious project not only transformed the existing office space but also significantly enhanced the surrounding site. Let's delve into the key strategies, challenges, and outcomes of this remarkable endeavor in commercial real estate renovation and site development.

Background: The Delmarva District Office project encompassed a comprehensive renovation and site development with a total budget of $9.0 million. The project involved an 8,000 SF full interior renovation, a 2,000 SF building addition, and a 5-acre development for a new secure gate entrance. The scope also included the connection to city water and sewer lines, ensuring the facility met modern infrastructure standards. This project exemplifies REMS' expertise in commercial construction services and property management solutions.

Overcoming Challenges: Managing such a multifaceted project required meticulous planning and coordination. REMS effectively oversaw two general contractors, six design teams, and eight owner vendors to ensure seamless execution. Additionally, the installation of 7,000 SF in office trailers was managed to accommodate storm room operations and employee swing space, maintaining uninterrupted operations throughout the renovation process. These efforts highlight our commitment to top-tier facilities management and operations management.

Project Highlights:

  • Budget and Schedule: The project was completed $600,000 under budget and finished two months ahead of schedule, showcasing REMS' efficiency in project budget management and effective construction project management.

  • Innovative Solutions: To accommodate operational needs during construction, 7,000 SF of office trailers were installed, providing storm room operations and employee swing space.

  • Enhanced Security and Infrastructure: The development included a new secure gate entrance and connections to city water and sewer lines, enhancing both security and functionality. These enhancements are a testament to our comprehensive approach to infrastructure upgrades and property management solutions.

Efficient Project Management: Our approach to construction project management emphasized proactive problem-solving and efficient coordination. By identifying potential issues early and addressing them promptly, the project team minimized disruptions and costly change orders. The ability to manage multiple contractors and design teams concurrently was key to staying on track and under budget. This case study exemplifies our dedication to providing top-notch property management solutions and commercial construction services.

Conclusion: The Delmarva District Office Renovation & Site Development project stands as a testament to REMS' expertise in managing large-scale, multifaceted construction projects. By completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget, REMS demonstrated its commitment to excellence and efficiency in commercial real estate renovation. As we reflect on this case study, it underscores the importance of strategic planning, effective communication, and proactive management in delivering successful outcomes. REMS continues to set the standard in commercial construction, operations management, and facilities management, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality construction project management services.

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