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A Comprehensive Buildout and Cold Storage Facility Project


In the realm of commercial construction and project management, the successful buildout of the Kuehne + Nagel facility in Chicago stands as a testament to meticulous planning and execution. Our team at REMS spearheaded this extensive project, showcasing our expertise in Baltimore owner rep project management and beyond. This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, highlighting our strategies, challenges, and triumphant outcomes.


Kuehne + Nagel, a global logistics powerhouse, sought to expand their operational footprint with a new 400,000 square foot buildout in Chicago. This ambitious project included a 57,000 square foot office space and a 25,000 square foot cold storage facility. The goal was to create a state-of-the-art logistics hub that would meet the growing demands of their clientele while incorporating advanced technology and sustainable practices.

Overcoming Obstacles

The scale and complexity of the Kuehne + Nagel buildout required seamless coordination and robust project management. Our team managed two general contractors, two design firms, and six owner vendors, ensuring all parties were aligned and working towards a common goal. Weekly reviews of cost tracking, budget assessments, design evaluations, and customer coordination were pivotal in maintaining transparency and control over the project's progression.

Innovations and Upgrades

The project featured several key innovations:

  • Advanced Cold Storage: The 25,000 square foot cold storage facility incorporated cutting-edge refrigeration technology, ensuring optimal temperature control and energy efficiency.

  • Modern Office Space: The 57,000 square foot office area was designed with flexibility and sustainability in mind, featuring open-plan workspaces, collaboration zones, and state-of-the-art amenities.

  • Integrated Technology: The facility was equipped with advanced logistics management systems to enhance operational efficiency and real-time tracking.

Efficient Project Management

Effective project management was the cornerstone of this endeavor. By conducting weekly reviews and maintaining open communication with all stakeholders, our team preemptively identified and mitigated potential issues. This proactive approach not only ensured the project was completed on time but also facilitated smooth transitions and adaptations as needed.

Transparent Communication and Collaboration

Transparency was a critical component of our strategy. Regular updates and open dialogue with Kuehne + Nagel's team fostered a collaborative environment, enabling swift decision-making and problem-solving. This level of communication was instrumental in adhering to timelines and budget constraints.


The successful completion of the Kuehne + Nagel Chicago buildout underscores REMS' prowess in construction management, change management, and tenant representation. Our ability to manage complex projects across various regions, especially in the Mid-Atlantic, including DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Philadelphia areas, positions us as a leader in real estate consulting and owner representation. This project is a shining example of how effective project management and innovative construction solutions can transform client visions into reality.

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